Lee Robinson

Advance Praise

lawyerforthedog_coverSM“LAWYER FOR THE DOG is a delight, and Lee Robinson is a natural.”—Abraham Verghese, author of CUTTING FOR

“LAWYER FOR THE DOG is a revelation.  Fresh, smart, and funny, this is a face-paced Southern page-turner in the tradition of Jill McCorkle and Ellen Gilchrist.  Lee Robinson understands the law, but she also understands relationships (both with humans and canines) and the intricacies of the human heart.  This is a terrific book.”—Katie Crouch, NYT bestselling author of GIRLS IN TRUCKS and ABROAD

“One of the great pleasures of Lee Robinson’s novel, LAWYER FOR THE DOG, is the combination of great story and great writing, so that even while we avidly turn from page to page to find out how all this marvelous complication will resolve itself we want to pause and savor the equally marvelous details, turns of phrase, hilarious observations and heart wrenching moments.  For a picture of the New South as experienced by smart and tortured baby boomers, for its stylistic flare, its poise, its insight into human (and animal) complexity, this book can’t be beat.”—Alan Shapiro

“Lee Robinson’s LAWYER FOR THE DOG is a stunning book—a warm, funny, big-hearted novel about the lengths we will go to claim ownership over the things that we love.  With unflinching honesty and piercing wit, Robinson takes us deep into the heart of Charleston and the lives of her characters and delivers a poignant, generous and ultimately unforgettable story.”—Andrew Porter, Flanner O’Conner Award winner, THE THEORY OF LIGHT AND MATTER

“Sally Baynard is the kind of character who makes her way into your heart: smart, self-deprecating, witty, beleaguered.  Readers will not only root for her, they’ll want to follow her all the way through this highly engaging novel and into future books.  More, more, Lee Robinson!”—Josephine Humphreys, author of NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH

“Sally Baynard’s life already seems chaotic—with a busy legal practice, a circle of good friends, and a mother she’s caring for.  Then she takes on a four-footed client and the real chaos—the emotional kind—sets in.  Lee Robinson’s LAWYER FOR THE DOG is a funny, moving, lively story of a middle-aged woman who realizes fun and romance aren’t just for the very young.”—Ruth Pennebaker, author of WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN

“I LOVE it!  Robinson was barking up the right tree when she wrote this book.”—Patti Sherlock, author of A DOG FOR ALL SEASONS: A MEMOIR

“What fun!  LAWYER FOR THE DOG is a perfect frolicking story for dog lovers and others, too.  Lee Robinson does a fantastic story-telling job and captures Charleston perfectly, both the place and the people.”—Lisa Rogak, author of THE DOGS OF WAR

“Lee Robinson has created a character like our best friend, a woman who frustrates and endears, a person we admire, care about, and want to fix.  A cross between the narrator of Bridget Jones’ Diary and a character in a Scott Turow novel, Sarah Baynard and her tale of romance and self-acceptance are made for the screen.”—Nan Cuba, author of BODY AND BREAD